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These 25 Pictures Are So Relatable

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These 25 Pictures Are So Relatable

Every one of you has felt like this at one or another point.
I graduated three years ago and have been working in a call center ever since. This is pretty much how I feel

How I feel at age 32 when I check out the 20 year old girls on campus

How I feel spending New Years with my heavily Christian friends

How I feel accepting college loans

How I feel as a broke college student after depositing $22 in my bank account

How I Feel Getting My Girlfriend Off

How I feel the morning after being blackout drunk

How I feel after I make a concise, logical point during an argument with my wife

How I feel every time I pull into Walmart…

How I feel after going to the gym for 1 day

How I feel being the third wheel during a date
How I feel working for minimum wage

How I feel when texting a girl I like

How I feel being 27/m and single…

How I feel trying to seduce my wife after eating a huge meal

How I feel with my new George Foreman grill

How I feel about hand jobs

How I feel at work. Everyday

How I feel sitting in my 101 elective as a last semester senior…

How I feel like working in Customer Service

How I feel when charging my phone from my laptop

How I feel working in IT

After 12 hours of studying and two exams, this is how I feel
How i feel playing video games when i should be studying for finals
After trying to find a job for 4 months, this is how I feel about interviews

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