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Sony World Photography Awards 2013 Competition

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Sony World Photography Awards 2013 Competition

Here we are sharing a beautiful collection of photos which were sent by the different photographers to the Sony World Photography Awards 2013 competition. Some of them are very wonderful and like to have gone from the pages of fairy tales while some photos are looking just realistic.

The girl in a cream dress surrounded by butterflies
Market stalls near the subway station in New York.

Children feeding a goat in India

Children on the streets of Bangladesh
A woman washes things outside his home by the sea, Philippines

Photos of Roman Shalenkina called "Miner"
Swimmers, Singapore
Shepherd, Iran

Photo by Walter Shonenbrohera made in Berlin. People climb the seem endless staircase
A woman with a cigarette in Siegburg, Germany. Picture called "Mama."

Photo by Sergei Shcherbakov. Waterfall Sofrudzhu in Karachay-Cherkessia
Heron, Maldives

Photo by Tomasz Borkowski, made in Birmingham

Woman with child, Nepal.
Young monks gathered to stare at the iPod, Malaysia.

Tigers, China.

Hainan has two awards: for professional photographers (prize money - $ 25,000) and for the fans (prize money - $ 5,000). In the photo: A family of monkeys.

Annual rowing competitions in Petchaburi, Thailand.

Ant in the rain, Uruguay.

Bus stop in the UK, bringing together people from different age and social groups.


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