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Oh, What a Cover!

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Oh, What a Cover!

Veil is an important element of the decor and the best decoration, it makes the bed the center of attraction. Cover design - the ability to dream and to apply their skills and abilities, for example, decorate the finished blanket, sew it with your hands or tie. There lots of options - covers the bulk of the stitches, with ruffles, contrast trim, diversified one, colorful, light and heavy summer warm winter.


If you're a volume of things, puff - for you! Stitch gives bedspread volume and shape, can also emphasize the texture, framing its individual motifs.

To increase the impact of patterns on the bedspread, you can select stitch flowers and leaves, flower pattern, if - or figure and color spots, if the image abstract. It will approach the dense tissue.

Exquisite stitch can be done by hand or on a typewriter.


The contrasts and textures

Cover with a border or edging of contrasting fabric graphically highlight your bed.

Cover with a wide frill hanging to the floor, not only beautifies, but also allows you to hide from the eyes of an ugly foundation bed or folded under the bed thing.

For covers with frill ideal fabric with elegant solid pattern. Or two different, but similar in color fabric to make blankets and frills decor stylish and interesting...

The contrasts and textures


Great cover is very important as drapery. Covers not only the wrong color linens, but also hides the foot of the bed, or laundry basket.

Even as an option - over a large covered put smaller in size or contrast in tone, but from a different kind of fabric.


Options and fabrics

If you dream of a Scottish house, then sew the blanket of the traditional tweed, adding color to fabric.

If you're so sweet country style, then covered in a patchwork that you need.

If you like the changes then sew the two-sided blanket. It allows you to change in an instant room decor

The best way to change the mood of the room at different times of the year - to sew two sets of curtains: a light blanket for the summer and winter cushy blanket.

Options and fabrics

Styles and Jewelry

- Palace

If your bedroom is made in the style of the palace, it is best suited heavy damask and elegant brocade. And your bed with a blanket made of these fabrics with rich, saturated colors with lace and tassels, will resemble beds of Versailles.

- Greek

If you are the heart style "Greek island", then decorate the bed with white linen, flying draperies of muslin and a simple veil, made in the style of patchwork.


- Country Music

To create a new style of "country" try using striped fabric and fabric with scenes, combine various spring and summer colors to your bedroom looked like a village.

- East

Bright fabrics with Persian pattern, decorated with tassels interspersed with tapestries, will help create a colorful oriental style.


- Chalet

Select plaid and woolen fabrics to create an atmosphere of a hunting lodge in Scotland.

- Glamorous

Gloss black combined with feathers and rhinestones, or play silk combined with gold or silver, a variety of options to create a glamorous style.

Sparkling crystals and other fine things, chic shades of violet, fuchsia, etc. help create delicious glamorous bedroom.


And, of course, not to mention the fur, which is the best fit for the creation of a glamorous interior, and is sure to ennoble, graced the interiors of any style.

Luxurious, so pleasant and enveloping, amazingly beautiful and warm, affectionate hugs, gorgeous fur!

Glamorous sofa cover


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