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25 Pictures of Cats And Dogs With Their Famous Humans

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Cats And Dogs With Their Famous Humans
Salvador Dali With His Ocelot Babou

Paul McCartney And His English Sheepdog Martha

Freddie Mercury With One Of His Many Cats
Jack Kerouack And Tyke
Franklin Roosevelt And His Black Terrier Fala
Billie Holiday And Her Loyal Companion Mister
Audrey Hepburn And Another Mister, Mr. Famous

James Dean With Marcus, Gift He Received From Elizabeth Taylor

Humphrey Bogart And Mac, the Scottish Terrier
John Lennon and Yoko Ono With a Black Feline Friend
Marilyn Monroe And Maf

Winston Churchill With One Of His Buddies Rufus

Brigitte Bardot And Her Black Spaniels
Elvis Presley And His Hound Dog
Elizabeth Taylor And Her Dogs
Kurt Vonnegut With His Dog Pumpkin
Lucille Ball and Her Spaniels
Stephen King And His Corgi Marlowe
Alfred Hitchcock With His Sealyham Terrier Sarah

Frank Sinatra With His Dog Ringo

Pablo Picasso With His Cat and  Wiener Dog Lump


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