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Wonderful Examples of High Speed Photography

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Wonderful Examples of High Speed Photography

High speed photography means, a science of taking pictures of very fast phenomena. Basically High-speed photography is captured when photographer takes the picture with quick shutter speed. The goal of the high speed photography is capturing objects in motion. Today we collected some wonderful examples of High Speed Photography and these images were captured by Syahmir, Wanna Bee Farm and Beccanerd....

High Speed Photography
Another Crown
Splashing Grapes
Birdshot + jello
meets a Candle
Smelled great afterwards
Peeled in 500 microseconds or less
Cannon Apple
A fruit punch
Apple birdshot back
Supersonic Grapefruitb
First high speed
nice grapes
High Speed Photography
High Speed Photography
Apple Sauce Camera A
Magnum Heatsync Labs
Bathroom monster...
Radio Pop
high speed photography
Radio Pop
Orange Strawberry
Strawberry Splash
Bullet through cookie


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